Shelagh Saunders Testimonial

I wanted to inform you of a wonderful experience I had with your Director of Townhouses; Thomas Wexler.

I received Tom’s brochure in the mail, and in spite of my previous negative experiences with real estate brokers I agreed to meet with Tom. From my initial meeting with Tom I was impressed with his presentation. He came prepared and knowledgeable about townhouses. In terms of pricing the house; I had read articles in the New’ York Times and other publications. I also had spoken family and friends who were looking to buy or recently bought, to get a feeling the market. But Tom Wexler came in easy to comprehend through comparables, current listings, and war stories of various buyers and sellers he was currently working with. He explained his philosophy of how he would list it and what it should trade for. (We closed at a number 4% below asking price).

It was interesting to watch Tom my house. He would set-up appointments one after the other, so people would see for themselves the interest in the house. (He actually kept people waiting outside). This created many bids from the first week. The bids were low and I was inclined to negotiation but Tom instructed me to wait and see if the bids would start to go higher, which indeed they did. Tom flooded the market with advertisements. Immediately a sign went up on the house, pictures were taken, 360ยท virtual tour, on the web within 24 hours of signing an exclusive.

Because of his intense marketing, my house was sold in three weeks. Tom continued to work the exclusive helping me the process right until the closing.

He has restored my faith in real estate brokers.


Shelagh Saunders
201 East 17th Street
New York, NY 10011