Nancy Walsh Testimonial

Dear Tom:

I want to thank you for your tireless efforts in the marketing, negotiations and sale of our townhouses at 1382 Lexington Avenue. My family and I were extremely pleased with the result and feel that your thorough knowledge of the New York real estate market and the meticulous way you approached the project made the sale such a success. Even our real estate attorney, a person who works with brokers every day, mentioned to me how impressed he was with your services!

I must particularly compliment you on your marketing strategy. I must admit when I first saw the list of things you had proposed to do I was a little skeptical. However, your communication skills were paramount in helping to bring us along through each step of the process. As you know, it was mainly my decision to hire you and replace Leslie J Garfield. This was a very difficult decision because we were selling the house for my mother and my siblings were now counting on me to manage the process. Even though I lived three time zones away, your communication and sense of detail made the el).tire process very easy. I felt secure that no detail would be omitted with you on the case. Again and again you went the extra mile to make sure the entire experience was smooth and effortless for me.

You have taken what was an anxiety ridden experience and made it a pleasure. Furthermore, I found through your negotiations with several buyers, that your. Integrity allowed me to fully trust that you represented our needs every step of the way, I have very much enjoyed working with you, and I will certainly recommend you highly to all of my friends in New York confident that they will certainly be pleased. If we ever move back to New York I look forward to working with you again.

I would be happy to discuss my experience working with you with potential clients should any of them like more details of my experience.

Thank you again


Nancy Walsh
65 Pepper Drive
Los Altos, CA 94022