Michael and Francesca Freedman Testimonial

Dear Barbara,

As you know from our meeting at the Windsor School in June, we are very pleased with the job Tom Wexler has done on the sale of our townhouse. Now that the closing has taken place, I thought you would appreciate hearing about our wonderful experience.

Not having been involved in the real estate market for over ten years we didn’t have a real estate broker and one afternoon we walked into your storefront on Madison Avenue. The person at the front desk wasn’t knowledgeable in townhouses. After a few days, we had several recommendations from friends of real estate brokers. Much to our surprise, we also got a call from Tom Wexler. It did not take long for Tom to distinguish and distance himself from his competitors.

Tom has a terrific knowledge and in-depth understanding of the New York City townhouse market. He understands both pricing and the mechanics involved in the process. Tom was also very adept at sharing his knowledge and advising us at each juncture. One of his greatest strengths is the meticulous way he approaches each step in the selling process. We always felt secure that no detail was omitted and he was always on the case.

Toms’ marketing efforts were quite successful even in a difficult post 9/11, terrorist feared real estate market. He actually showed the house over 60 times during the course of his engagement and eventually brought us a very acceptable deal. He also continued to show the house right up to the day the contract was signed.

Throughout the process, Tom and his staff had excellent ideas and expressed a genuine concern for our interests. We have very much enjoyed working with him and would enthusiastically recommend Tom to anyone selling real estate in Manhattan.
Warm regards,

Michael and Francesca Freedman
129 East 95th Sreet
New York, NY 10128