Gianfranco Monacelli Testimonial

I am writing to inform you of the experience I had with one of your brokers Tom Wexler.

After interviewing several brokers we hired a seasoned townhouse broker who gave us the highest price. Our house sat on the market for one year. We received offers for lower than the asking price (in the range quoted by other brokers in their initial pitches).

We then hired Tom who’ priced our house at a value that would create activity (the listing was considered stale at that point). Tom provided maximum exposure, constantly showing the house, educating us with feedback, market conditions, etc. Finally, our successful sale was completed through multiple bids, at a number higher than we anticipated.

We were impressed with Tom’s methodology and tenacity in handling the sale.

Tom had several meetings with us to discuss all offers and all possible scenarios. He walked us through each of our options, and answered all our Questions in terms of closing, helping us with movers, attorneys, everything down to the finest detail, so that nothing was left to chance.

Tom did not stop his effort to sell our house even after he had an accepted offer. We continued to show, which created additional offers. Because of his expertise in handling multiple bids, we were never in jeopardy of losing a sale.
Sincerely yours,

Gianfranco Monacelli
10 East 92nd Street
New York, NY 10128