Craig Dumas Testimonial

Dear Ms. Liebman,

I am writing to express my enthusiastic appreciation for the professionalism and aggressiveness shown by Tom Wexler in brokering the sale of my (former) townhouse at 17 West 95′” Street, which closed in April of this year. Tom’s advice was always straightforward and very credible; whether or not it was what we wanted to hear at the time, and this is a trait I have found to be quite rare in the industry! My ex-wife and I had spent over a year of disappointments with a previous broker, ending with an extended closing that ultimately fell through, an event for which that broker bad failed to make any preparation whatsoever.

Tom’s efforts were an immediate and most welcome turnaround. The marketing services were very impressive and appropriately placed. Potential buyers were always represented to us with a fair assessment of their intentions and relative merit, followed by solid advice as to how we should respond.

The ultimate test of Tom’s capabilities, however, was when our empty house was flooded from top-to-bottom by a broken sprinkler pipe, while we were in the midst of negotiating with 3 separate buyers. Tom was available to meet me at the house the next morning to evaluate the damage and begin to plan for a recovery effort. His tireless support, practical advice and recommendations for tradespersons to do some of the necessary work were invaluable. After about 5 weeks of cleanup and drying out, Tom boldly arranged an open house to re-enter our rather bedraggled property into the market -this led to an immediate, firm offer and ultimately, the closing.

I have and will certainly continue to recommend Tom’s services to my friends.


Craig N. Dumas, AIA
17 West 54th Street, #2D
New York, NY 10019